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BC Movers We specialize in medium distance moves from Vancouver to Victoria, Nanaimo, Kelowna, Whistler and all cities in British Columbia. Since the BC weather is not always the best it’s recommended that you move in anywhere in BC in the summer if possible. This is especially true for Vancouver to Whistler relocation and moves […]

Moving Tips

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What truck size should you order for your upcoming move? 1 ton or 5 ton truck, maybe you are even considering a cargo van for very small moves? Need to consolidate your shipment for cross Canada moving services in a semi trailer? 1 ton moving truck Deciding on what moving truck size to choose will […]


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Moving Checklist We have pretty much seen all possible scenarios and situations that might arise during our client’s relocation and have come up with short list of the most important factors that will positively impact your moving experience.  If you follow these top 10 moving tips things should get executed with as little stress and glitches […]


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Vancouver To Chilliwack Movers Do you need to relocate to Chilliwack from Vancouver BC? You will need to get ready well ahead of time.  Packing for your move will always give you the best advantage. The question is though, is a move from Vancouver to Chilliwack a local BC relocation service or long distance move? […]


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Preparing For Your Move A move should be well prepared in advance in order to be executed as smoothly as possible. The better prepared you will be, the smoother and more economical (up to %50 cheaper and quicker in the case of an hourly charged move) it will be. Here is a section that should help […]


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Shipping to and from USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and Asia. Need something shipped anywhere? We specialize in large shipments and vehicles. As a  freight consolidator we have partnerships with numerous shipping companies around the world. We can also assist you with customs documentation for your international transport needs. We can transport your belongings by car, […]


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List of major Canadian Cities In Their Respective Provinces This list of cities in Canada is sorted by alphabetical order by city name or province. If you need this list in other formats, for example only city name or only province name, please contact us and we will be glad to email it to you at […]