Auto Transport

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Vehicle Shipping

Are you an individual that recently purchase a car on eBay? Or you might be a dealership that needs to ship some inventory? Looking to import or export automobiles internationally? Whatever your needs are we got you covered. We offer transportation by truck, drive away and for world wide requests even container cargo ships. We can take care of all the documentation for you to make things as smooth as possible for you car hauling needs. For the snowbirds out there, ask us about our reasonable mid fall to mid spring rates. Vehicles we can transport include but are not limted to cars, motorcycles, trucks, RV, boats and more. Please read more about our auto tranport services.



Closed Trailer Option

We are can offer you our high end services via closed tractor trailer. This solution Will insure that your vehicle stays in pristine condition because it will be protected from weather hazards such as rocks, stones and dust. Additionally, for rail service, our box carts are run by CP, Via Rail or CN so you can be assured that your item will be very well taken care of during it's long journey across North America. The only major difference between hauling your car by rail or tractor semi is transit time and cost. The first being more economical and the second costing a little more but with less transit time.



By Bruno Vincent